The Carbohydrate Debate: Is Fruit Always the "Best" Choice?

Ah, the infamous debate of whether or not fruit is a “better” source of sugar than, lets say, an equivalent serving of candy. This is an argument that will probably always have a presence in the fitness industry and among the general population, but my goal today is to at least clarify some of the myths and misunderstandings that stand behind these claims.

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Put the "Glute" Back Into Your Glute Bridge

Now, while all of these tendencies can cause temporary discomfort, they are pretty easy to fix with a few simple cues and alterations in the starting position. Listed below are some simple tips that can help improve the performance of this exercise, and ultimately put the “glute” back into your glute bridge.

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Rachel Jimenez
The Article That No Client Wants to Read

We all know that among the good fitness advice out there, there is also a lot of BS. There are some CRAZY health claims backed by “fitness influencers” that appeal to the consumer looking for a quick fix, and there are some perspectives that may or may not promote a healthful mindset or prioritize the important things that you should be getting out of your new active lifestyle.

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Getting Started: How to Build a Workout Program

When constructing a training program, sometimes it can be confusing when coming up with a plan. “What exercises should we do? What exercises are best for us? What should our training split look like?”

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Isolation and Compound Exercises: What are they, what's the difference, and why are they important?

Is one better than the other? Should we only do compound exercises? Or should we only do isolation exercises? Does it really matter?

If you’ve ever wondered these things, I hope to clarify any uncertainty in this article.

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